Sunday, September 29, 2013

BELIEVE it! or not?....NOPE!

ONE more who bite the dust in the hands of the i-lluminati satanic mafia COWARDS/GARBAGE/IDIOTS, SCUM, A$$HOLES etc,etc! 

No wonder the PUSSIES of the GB SHIT on their CALZONES Cagados (with WARRANTY seal...), over and over again just by listening to the "i" word!.....ROFLOL! 

But BIG John will be with me drinking Chelas (beers) on Paradise, at Cambridge Lake Ripley

And with MY 2 Beautiful BOYS D&A too by that time...around 2058!

Believe it or NOT! ;-)

Yes even with the "I am BIGGER than Jesus" blasfemy!

He will realize then how SMALL, tiny, little nothing WE ALL are!

Those are The ONES, Jehovah MY GOD and Jesus MY KING want!

Believe me...when I tell YOU, I LOV U! ;-)

Cesar & David RUBIO!

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