Sunday, September 15, 2013


Bienvenidos a MI casa, SU casa! ;-)

Welcome to MY home, YOUR home!

Ok this blog is for the PRACTICAL stuff, because at the END what it counts is the battle on the field NOT in the desk believe me.

I am a "city boy", and hence I don't think I would survive a week on the wilderness, NO way Jose!

So from now on and until February 14th of 2014 when I will face satan da devil (in about 5 months), since it would be our 24th "anniversary" of when I challenged him on February 14th of 1990.

I will go to the "field service" and if YOU are a Jehovah Witness drop the other one for GOOD, and get into this BOAT of SALVATION as well!

I will also write my experiences and post pictures and videos here, but need to go get my cameras I left in TRUTH or Consequences (TorC, NM) on July of last year, before I went to TRY to see my beautiful boys to Wisconsin for the last time (no success as NO ONE helped me, NO ONE).

Oh well, they don't realize yet WHOM they rejected...

Anyhoo... (Wreck it Ralph), since the department of INJUSTICE never gave me "papers" (Green Card), even tough I was married for 9 years with an American citizen and had two sons with her, I am not able to comeback to the Dis-United States of Gringolandia no more, I will go to Ciudad Juarez and have my dad Hector (whom I lived with while there) bring those to me...he is a legal resident.


You just have to hold on WILSON, I will DO ALL the paddling! ;-)


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