Friday, October 4, 2013

LIAR Pinocchio!

Lösch Last Name meaning:  
The Losch surname is thought to have derived from the Slavic word "litsch," which meant "WILD;" as such, it may have originally been a nickname for a WILD or UNRULY Person.

Wild Un-Ruled Beast anyone?...

Gerrit: A variant form of the Old French "gerart". Similar to the Old High German name Gerhart whose root "ger", means "spear", implying "a warrior"; hence "spear-hard" or "spear-rule".

Yeah he is a satan WARRIOR, who has speared a LOT of good Jehovah Witnesses that are out there in the WILD with no Shepperd, because of this demon in the flesh Pharisees and his "book of MAFIA directives"...

I HATE this kind of demonic GARBAGE! 

YOUR time has come to face-book the WRATH of Jehovah MY God, and Jesus Christ MY King whom YOU Falsely "represent" buddy "wise"-r!

Names have GREAT significance in Bible personalities, isn't it TRUE?

 Ok then, lets get DOWN to "BUSINESS"....

Here PINOCCHIO: Gerrit Lösch ( Born in SAME Country as: Adolf Hitler.....), I mean an illuminati puppet of satan da devil for sure, oh yes they INFILTRATE everything and everywhere...decades BEFORE of their strikes, like the Vatican for example whose new pope is an illuminati mason grade 33, the top GARBAGE elite.

He is the MODERN Judas Iscariot of the FINAL movie chapter, talking LIES about Armageddon...

Didn't satan even MANIPULATED Peter, whom the very keys of heaven were given too?

So Por Favor don't say: "its no possible"...EVERYTHING is possible!

Bury the DEAD after Armageddon???!!!

And we will do "NOTHING else" but bury the dead for a  L-OOO-OOO-NG time?

Have you been near a dead person after 3 Days??? (72 hours).

A los 3 DIAS el Muerto APESTA!!! (The Dead STINKS after 3 DAYS!)

That is the twisted "common sense" this puppet of satan has....oh boy!


Butt, the Bible says that the Eagles & Beasts will EAT their CORPSES...because WE are going to be HIDDEN! ;-)

"With deaths from maladies they will die. They will not be bewailed, NEITHER will they be BURIED. As manure upon the surface of the ground they will become; and by the sword and by famine they will come to an end, and their dead bodies will actually serve as food for the flying creatures of the heavens and for the beasts of the earth."-Jeremiah 16: 4

"But the two wings of the great eagle were given the woman, that she might FLY into the WILDERNESS to her place; there is where she is fed for a time and times and half a time away from the face of the serpent."-Revelation 12:14

"do not read apostate literature"? LOL

Instead read OUR own trademark and copyrighted APOSTATE literature...the book of directives baby! ;-)

Or the Un-"awake" magazine! lol

We have PLENTY of Un-"observing" the world articles, at The END of the magazine...

Or what about the Un-Watch Tower Mag, that is the UNFAITHFUL Tower really...hum?

      Not enough to "eat", WE have plenty of "spiritual food"...

 We "do not" destroy the earth like those "evil worldly" people, that do BUSINESSES for profit without ANY morals nor consideration for NO ONE...

 IN "god" we TRUST Fund! :-)


The Watchtower and Hedge Funds

YOU MUST OBEY, because we are the "faithful slave"...and live like KINGS (evil laughter like the one who bribed the "holly priests" in the movie 300 from 07...) 

They LOVE the Stockholm Syndrome - Physiology! ( and they tell us that is "bad"

"!!!How does it not row more? Its estrange to me brother...are we ALL in the same boat, yes or NOT?!!"

HOW Jehovah's TRUE People think they live like...

And REAL life baby, NOT Fantasyland pictured on the publications! ;-)

Oh YES we even sell Chelas (beer) at at Brothels, I mean  Bethels around the world, everything is for SALE, at a high profit of Coors Beer! (of course).

We "work so hard" DIS-"PROTECTING" YOU, that we don't sleep much, and we need a "break once in a while"...some "sane entertainment", oh YEAH we love show biz! (where do YOU think we learned the art of MANIPULATION buddies?).

We even go to Cali-FORNICATION often on winter time...WHO can live in NY city living la vida loca with those winters from HELL hum?

We RIDE on motorcycles with James Jannard, who has 3 billion freaking dolores de parto WORTH!

He belongs to the TRIANGLE chapter moto bike club from HELL!

Oh YES, he definitely "qualifies" for SPECIAL Missionary Service BIG TIME! ;-)

He is OUR "good-ol" PAL-lenque (a fuck or "palito" ;-)) from long ago, he sent out to assassinate the ONLY TRUE Messenger of Jehovah...The ONE, we love ya buddy! ;-)

WE KNOW Mafia, as we live in the Gangs of New York city, and The Sopranos live across the bridge, ALWAYS eager to work their butts for US!

And guess WHO is the Pharisee MAFIA Boss of the "Organization" hum?...(worse EVIL than the Chicago Godfather):

The one coming from NAZI Germany, and "well prepared" for what is COMING: The Mega Great Holocaust!

If ANY ONE dares to challenge The Godfather, well we have our own POLICE force and CONNECTIONS worldwide working for US 24/7!

And I have my "LEFT hand job butt", just in case I overlook something...he is @ smart A$$ as it gets man! ;-)

"NO ONE" can touch us...we are the "untouchables"...


 A SWORD!!!       

And the TRUE Slave of Jehovah MY GOD & Jesus Christ MY KING!

YOU thought I was the "bad guy"?...oh boy learn from the Large Format Camera, Por Favor! ;-)

"So YOU are a Jehovah Witness. Tell ME, how it FEELS like than NO ONE opens the door for YOU?"

WHO is going to get YOUR rotten REAL APOSTATE Asses, out of "paradise"...

"Heresy & Apostasy"

Yeah right! NO Running Nor Mountains, suckers?


To: Hades buddy-"wise"ers!

Armageddon Avenger (AA). ;-)

Update 10-7-13:

Agent Dylan...from the FOOLS Investigation Agency...(FBI)

Now YOU see ME movie 2013!

Gerrit Lösch

The BLACK sheep, dressed in WHITE clothes...

Update 11-23-13

The "boss" is blind perhaps?

Nope, he is a CHICKEN Shit! LOL ;-)

Gerrit Lösch

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