Friday, November 1, 2013

Dont Let Go...

This past Wednesday  I went to watch Gravity 3-D for the second time.

I need to watch things more than once to really "get it", like I have already explained in my book about 3-D Cinematography.

The first time I missed the logo in Sandra Bulloks uniform:

And I am 42 years old...

But the most important thing and message of the movie is this one:


Even when you THINK is "over 4 ya" MAY be not, so hold to your Faith really tight, cus it may be just the beginning of a hell of a ride baby! ;-)

So whatever happens, NEVER abandon your loved ones...even if you do temporarily (like I have), LOVE is a strong force on UNITY, and at the END it always WINS!


 So look closely at your priorities in life...

 And then YOU may SAVE others besides yourself...(even if you die...temporarily)

At the END you will SAVE yourself if YOU don't give up the fight.

And even if you make it with "nothing" like Doctor Ryan Stone* did at the end of her journey, you will be THANKFUL that YOU survived what is coming!

*(Guadalajara, Valley of STONES)

So PREPARE for that NOW, since there are 18 months left for "impact" in May 2015, and to practice what you have learned in theory, in order to SURVIVE in Real Life!

Armageddon Messenger.

Update 11-20-13:

The SUCCESS! ;-) 




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